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Monday, October 29, 2007

Cruising For Fun & Clean Air

It is with a the smallest tug at my guilt strings that I pack my bags for points south aboard the Carnival Cruise ship-Elation. I am concerned about news reports that another Santa Ana is expected for next weekend. We would be in danger again and I am leaving Don an instruction sheet for evacuation.

The work I leave behind will be waiting for me when I return. It might rain and that would be so helpful. Don is actually hosing the concrete today to get rid of some of this soot we keep tracking into the house. The upshot in the house is the purging of possessions. Evan has completely organized his room. I bought closet organizers for him and he made good use of his time off from school. Brianna was a big help and we are proud. Don is working on his closet and Ryan and I tackled his clothes this weekend.

When I return, I have less than one week to felt and hand finish 25 handbags for my sale Nov. 10th. I will be knitting on the cruise whenever possible. Wool bags and 95 degrees. The pool may win. I will be offline for the week. Adios...

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