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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Stadium Stands Out - Not New Orleans

I am sure that if you are following the news you have had to draw comparisons to the Katrina Disaster. This county has evacuated 500,000 people and provided services where needed. Order reigns and the citizens are behaving well. The looters found so far were a couple of teenagers helping themselves to a cold beer at the neighbors house.

Our gov- Arnold is here and teaching yoga to the kids in the stadium. Food and water are being delivered. The loss of your home is really beyond the scope of most imaginations. Comfort is hard to give, but San Diego knows how to reach out.We are fairing pretty well as a county and we are proud. If we could send in the wine we would have a firefest. Not making light of anyones situation. Just grateful for the light hearted help to the heavy hearted...

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