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Thursday, October 4, 2007


Day 1, the TKGA was very interesting. The market was smaller than I expected. The vendors were high quality and I bought $400 worth of yarn. Cheers to that. Discounts all around. The very good news on the floor was Joan Michael McGowan's booth. I have been coveting a pattern from her book and admiring it knit up on the back of Cia B from the guild. I just did not think it wise to buy a 30 dollar book for the love of one pattern. Believe me, I have a shelf full of those one night stands. It reminds me of the cavalier days of spending money with no censure. Bittersweet my friends, bittersweet. Back to Joan MM- she had the pattern for sale individually and the yarn to go with it! As soon as I get beyond my sale in November, I'm knitting this.

Day 2 saw Mr. G off to San Jose and IBM for meetings bright and early. Room service every morning is what a hotel is all about for my special boy. Brynn arrived from Monterrey and the young ones hopped on the BART to explore the city. There was a wonderful Farmers Market on the street 1 block from the hotel. We wandered and enjoyed for an hour. Lunch was delicious. The kids went back to the rooms to rest and I took up a couch in the bar and knit all afternoon. I met a lovely crocheter from Long Beach and a business man from LA. Mr. G joined us and we stayed in the bar until dinnertime. My favorite kind of knitting is always anything I'm knitting paired with the perfect glass of wine. That evening was the award ceremony for the knitting guilds that were over 10 years old. The only other person from our guild in attendance was there to teach. Colleen Davis is the founder of the guild and a well known talent in our world. She was under the weather and unable to receive the award, so it fell to me. Great cake, nice group of ladies and a gift for everyone in attendance. German sock yarn in a red color way. I got out of there early and met the gang at a Thai restaurant for a spicy ending to the evening.

Day 3 was the Griswold's do San Francisco. We drove into the city to satisfy Ryan's desire to see the "Full House" world he came to love on television. His sister had all the addresses from Google and Mapquest. Pictures were snapped hastily. My special boy in his autistic way won't allow us to stop and refuses to get out of the car while sight-seeing! So we always say, " take a picture in your head with your memory camera " and off to the next sight. It was a crystal clear day so we drove over and back on the Golden Gate bridge. Then we headed to Fisherman's Wharf for lunch. Steamed crab overlooking the fishing boats was very nice. Kudos to the wonderful waitress that brought me 2 for one drinks and told me she had a son with CP and understood the need for a Pina Colada at noon. We really ordered it for Ryan to take the edge off of his manic anxiety and non stop stream of loud talking. At 26 he is legal and occasionally he likes a sweet cocktail to sip. After lunch and without any quieting affect for the boy, we decided to split up and take Ryan home on the BART so the kids and Dad could explore Haight Ashbury. As we descended down the escalators and bought our tickets a train passed through the tunnel and the rush of the winds subsided, Ryan decided he was scared and couldn't ride the scary ride. Brynn pulled an I pushed and the train started up and we were propelled down the aisle were 3 seats presented themselves. We made it! Back at the hotel, he and Sis fell into deep sleep and I prepared to attend the dinner and fashion show.

To the elevator. Dressed up, with my official name tag and ticket around my neck. A petite woman in the corner of the elevator was curious about the meaning of the neon green ribbon attached to my neck that read "anniversary". We had a 20 floor ride to talk. She was lovely and friendly and her name is Elizabeth EDWARDS. As in: wife of John Edwards for President fame. If you think she looks fat on TV, let me assure you, she is tiny. Remind me, to never appear on television. I felt like an amazon woman next to her. She was with one other woman ,(no entourage) and she was in town to promote a children's charity she supports. The TKGA dinner paled in comparison to my brush with fame.

Day 4 involved packing, and one more trip to the market place. I wanted more yarn to make another shawl just like the one I finished last night. I got a lot of knitting done this weekend. I completed a shawl, a handbag, one sock and a scarf. Read the whole book for book club and met a glass maker on the floor that was a delight. He will be in Del Mar in 2 weeks if anyone wants his card. I bought some of his art for Christmas gifts and wanted Brynn and Brianna to pick out a piece. Mission accomplished, we loaded the car, said goodbye to my girl and set off for a direct drive down the 5. No zigzags this time...

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