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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Updated Fire Info

We are still seeing areas evacuated. Power lines are down and we are expecting blackouts soon. Never say "things just couldn't get worse". Just to clarify from an email earlier- we are insured for the house. I did not insure the cruise I am scheduled to take on Monday the 29th to celebrate my friend Karen's birthday.

At night, when the sun goes down, the winds tend to calm down. As the sun heats the atmosphere the wind picks up velocity and the fires become more erratic. That helps to explain why when things look good, it can change in a second. The winds are capricious.

Evan and Don are going out in the car to see Brianna (where her family is evacuated ) at a hotel in Carlsbad. We are all restless. We got good news that as of an hour ago our house is good. One of our friends drove out to take a look. We may go north to find clean air. It is getting smokier. We are all having breathing trouble.

If I go out the car AC is the best air around and I can charge my cell phone. Left mine at home, along with my pants and my hairbrush and blowdryer. Of course, with 6% humidity,the hair drys pretty quickly and with plenty of static electricity. Now if we could harvest this power...

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bd said...

Kay went ahead with a long-planned trip on Wednesday. I have travel plans and expect to proceed, as well. The ash will still be here to clean up next week after the onshore breezes bring back what the offshore breezes carried away.