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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Safe Haven

Sunrise in the wildfire 10.23.07_945

We are official refugees as of 10 am yesterday. Seeking breathable air we went north to Heather and Tom in Oceanside. We thought it was so much better than the Fairgrounds or Qualcomm Stadium. We were right.Oceanside is an untouched pocket of safety from the flames. All of Heathers neighbors are also sheltering families from all over the county. We were mandated to evacuate and just heard on the TV that we are covered by our insurance to be reimbursed for hotel stays. Every hotel in the safe zones are full and we are quite content at the Walpole Ritz.Heather prepared a gourmet dinner and we went to bed early due to exhaustion and the red wine.

The air is impossible to breath and the humidity remains in the single digits. We have peeling lips and dry skin. Each one of us have the sniffles and sooty nose. We have no idea if our home is safe. We do know that homes in our surrounding area have burned. All around the church we have lost homes, so we know our church family will suffer. We are only suffering the unknown. All of our physical needs are met and we are enjoying good company. Evan is in video heaven with Tom's technical skills with an X-Box exceeding the dreams of a 15 year old boy.

We had the perspective of watching the Fallbrook fire and the Withcreek fire from the hilltop of Heathers backyard. It was clear to see the size and power of these 2 fires and from a distance that felt safe. The massive evacuations are precautionary. Seeing the coverage of the freeways that are closed puts the perspective on the number of people affected. We won't really know anything until we are allowed back to our homestead. We will keep you posted. Breath deep and appreciate the air...

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Ginny Robertson said...

Marsha, John and I are so happy that you, Don and Evan are safe and that Heather and Thomas were able to host you at their home. We've been praying for your safety and will continue to do so. God loves you and so do we.