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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tired- Not Lazy

Well, as it turns out I am not lazy. As the sun heated up the house I had to get busy with the clean up. If you have been to my house, you know it is not well insulated. Breezy, may best describe the somewhat sketchy construction. When I got up this morning I noticed the soot and ash in the house. Bummer. Turns out there is a fine coat of soot and ash all over the interior. It is just as icky as it sounds.

When we evacuated the TV was giving tips on how to prepare the house and I followed the guidelines. "They" said to take down all of the curtains and move everything 2 feet from the windows. It made sense to me. Explanations were that the intense heat from outside can cause the drapes to melt and then combust and there you are with an interior fire. Today's work was all about getting those curtains up and keeping the heat out. I started by washing and drying the windows and surfaces with white vinegar with water. Dusted off the drapes and vacuumed and washed every surface with the V/W solution. The Living room/Kitchen haven't been this clean in a year.

With each new panel of curtain that went up, the temperature came down a little. Imagine being closed up in your house with nothing open and the outside temp in the high 80's. Who would do that? We have an air cleaner running in the middle of the house and it is also a weak air conditioner, so our air in here gets better and better. Don did go to Kinko's to work and that was better for his lungs. He is focused on work and is over the whole fire thing. His car is unpacked and put away. Mine is still packed and pointed out for escape. Yin and yang after almost 30 years together.

We took a break from our work to eat some fish tacos, field some phone calls, and catch up on news and emails. I decided to give my neglected eyebrows some attention. Hairy and scary. When much to my surprise I saw them! Black soot rings around my neck and arms and face. Newsflash-sweat and soot make you look like a coal miner. Add to the look, a wet dish towel wrapped around my hair to keep this chambermaid cool. I'm off to hit the showers...

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