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Friday, September 26, 2008

A Knitting Prayer

This is the finished Four Seasons Throw, ready to pack and ship to my newlywed niece in Chicago. I included the Manos yarn label from one of the skeins. I sewed on the "knit with love by" label. Now I will print and include this blessing that I borrowed from "Knitting Into The Mystery: A Guide To Shawl Knitting" by Susan Jorgensen and Susan Izard, 2003. I print it on card stock and sign it when I send gifts. Feel free to borrow this...

A Prayer Before Knitting

A blessing to my knitting to be a work of heart and hands, body and spirit; A blessing on the one who passed this ancient art to me; A blessing on the one who will receive the fruit of my prayer and my knitting.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Knit Wits Reign

To have control, rule or influence of any kind. That is to reign. My knit wit friends, certainly do. These buttons were a gift to each Knitter at our 5th Birthday party. You can order these and so much more at Cafe Press. It is an amazing site for logos and all that you can print a logo on! Check it out. I know you want one...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Speaking Knitlish

Many of the newer books on the market, along with the internet, have included a glossary of the newest language of the knitter. We strive to stay current as Knit Wits. We are multilingual in this world of the art of knitting. Here is the short list:

LYS: Local yarn store
SEX: Stash enhancement expedition - yarn shopping!
UFO: Unfinished object
FO: Finished Object
WIP: Work in Progress
KIP: Knit in public. With friends whenever possible
DH: Darling Husband. You can also DD, darling daughter, DS, darling son...

I headed out to the LYS to enjoy SEX for my WIP. I have to KIP on my SIL neck warmer to finish it in time! This UFO has a difficult pattern and I can't wait for the FO! Back to my needles...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Consumerism Contained

I received this beautiful bowl as a birthday gift from Heather.
I just love it. It is delicate porcelain pressed into a piece of
chunky hand knit fabric. I fill it with candy and Evan does
homework while he empties the bowl. Perfect! Thank you H.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Dog Park Dope

Take one bored pooch; add warm muggy weather; a tired,old mom with her knitting; a dusty crowded dog park; 25 running dogs and combine until well mixed. After 2 hours provide plenty of cold water and a pillow for the head of the wasted little dog. Recipe for quiet time is a success.

This reminds me of the days when my only relief from child-rearing involved putting them in the bathtub while they splashed into bliss. I sat on the cool tile floor for as long as they lasted, with my knitting or a book. Sometimes a glass of wine. That was my dope. I have been parenting for 27 years both kids and dogs. I still seek solace...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Golden Friends

Irmgard and Frank Mannix from Colorado. Irmgard Hannelore Winklmeier is the name she was born with. Named for her Momma and Aunt. We became friends in High School. That was 40 years ago! What? We did not graduate 40 years ago, we met in 1968! Give me a break.

"Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold." Sing with me. We had such a fun visit. These are the parents of Heike. They have leant her to San Diego, where we are fortunate to be the custodial pretend parents. Time is so elusive...

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Pandemonium is defined in the dictionary as a place or scene of riotous uproar or utter chaos. Follow me to the ladies room four hours into the morning rush, after 3 cups of coffee and a lengthy meeting. I should know better. Almost running with your legs crossed is a skill we women master early.

Enter the stall with me. Time is of the essence. Door latched, pants down...pants down! Not so fast. Here is a picture of 2 of my favorite pair of pants. Notice the closures- if you can see them. Zipper, 2 buttons, a belt loop and three more buttons to undue. Chaos! Riotous uproar as I cry out to my bladder to hold on. I made it. Barely.

The following week the scene plays out again in a friends bathroom with the white linen walking shorts. What ever happened to a zipper and one button or clasp? Who knew I would actually think of an elastic waistband with longing and nostalgia? Someone told me stirrup pants will be making a comeback. I was appalled. Now, not so much...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Perseverance Projects

"Few things are impossible with diligence and skill. Great works are performed not by strength, but perseverance." - Samuel Jackson

Way back in January I set a goal to complete a project a month from my WIP stash, while also knitting on new projects. I have lost count of the progress I have made. I do know I have completed some nice items and I am feeling like a diligent knitter that has persevered. Hooray!

I have several things to show you. The sleeveless swing shell is knit in Twisted Sisters, Daktari cotton yarn. I need to block it before I wear it. I think it will look great as a vest over a light weight t-shirt. The pattern was free on the internet. I always start with an internet search when a desire to work from my stash hits. The unlimited resources available are mind blowing.

Next is a simple little shawlette made from one skein of silk/nylon ribbon in dark navy, black and shades of dark blues. It looks great tied over a classic white shirt with jeans. This was a piece I put down when I knew I did not have enough yarn to fringe and finish my triangle. I found the perfect black ribbon remnant and lovely navy silk ribbon. I finished the last 2 long rows in navy- then fringed the shawl with the black and navy held together. It works.

I finished the natural cotton sweater made with yarn purchased at the North Coast Knitters Guild. The pattern caught my eye this Spring 2008 issue of Knitters Magazine. I made it with a lighter weight yarn than the pattern called for. The chunky yarn made a fabric that was stiff and coat like. Being a "big" girl, I like a little drape. I am pleased with the way it fits.

I just finished fringing the "Four Seasons Throw" tonight. It is done. I have to photograph it and ship it to Chicago to the newlyweds. I hate to let it go. It was so much fun to knit the 12 different patterns. The results are beyond my expectations. My husband and kids are so impressed. Even the dog seems to love this throw!

Ode to Old Bob

"Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Old Bob passed away. He lived approximately 100 years.
He joins his pen mate Goliath in Turtle Heaven. It has been
a joy to know you OB. The kids in the pen wish you peace!

5 Years and Counting

Here is a pictorial post of a very fun birthday celebration for the Knit Wits. Our theme was making lemonade out of lemons. We brought our stash to exchange in that spirit. Everyone enjoyed a lemon martini before raiding the Daou's wine cellar. Oh we are a lucky bunch of knitters!

We have met every Wednesday evening for knitting, noshing and imbibing. We have laughed, cried and learned together. Over the years people have drifted in and out with an average membership of approximately 25. We have so much fun that we have regular attendees that do not, nor have they ever knit! We call them the "never knitters." We are so darn welcoming that we even entertain the "knitter quitters" weekly. The rest of us continue to keep our needles flying as we enjoy each others company. Process or product? We welcome both. We require that you do not take yourself too seriously. My favorite friends are Knit Wits. Thank you for your commitment to our cause, see you on Wednesday...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dog Blog Creates Chaos

I have been trying to catch up with all of the things I want to write about. Taking photos, downloading them and telling the story that accompanies the pictures in a thousand words or less.

I read a recent criticism of Bloggers in the local paper. Seems the reader sent a letter to the editor exclaiming her dismay over all of the people that waste their time and energy on web logs- Blogs. She wondered who gave a damn about so many mundane citizens, their lives and/or opinions? It got me thinking about who the heck reads this? Does anyone care?

Do I write with you in mind? I know that I have censored myself on more than one occasion, out of respect for my readership. Perhaps that was presumptuous? Perhaps, I write this as a personal form of expression to an audience of one. I am known to have a strong opinion on every subject known to man. For that reason alone, my husband does not read my blog regularly!

I have not contributed recently due to the competition for the laptop. I'm not sure where she is posting her words, but I'm not gonna tell Steezy that nobody cares about her opinion...

Monday, September 8, 2008

It's "Back to" Time

September is here again. Where does the time go? Another new school year for my youngest son. My daughter's senior year of college. If any of you are involved in school as a student, teacher or volunteer, you feel the energy that results from going back to school.

I love that energy. If you are a member of a church, temple or any institute that is tied into a school year calendar- this month your schedule resumes. I am a community organizer! The community may be the school, church, home, guilds or organizations. New clothes, new supplies, paperwork and plans. I feel called to a renewed sense of purpose. The urge to wear knee socks and fresh penny loafers overwhelms me. How about the smell of new markers! Now, that's a high.

Even year round commitments ramp up as we slip and slide toward the holiday season. Here we go again with fundraisers, preparations for the coming winter, closet cleaning and party planning are full steam ahead. We citizens of the USA are in the midst of a political season that is one of the most interesting and meaningful elections I have lived through. Regardless of your political affiliation, I hope we can agree that our vote has never been more vital. Here is my plug- please vote. Remember, it is done confidentially to protect our rights. As a patriotic person I challenge you to vote with personal conviction and respect the rights of others to do the same.

Knitting gifts require my full time, free time energy.Preparing for the coming winter is my priority. This year of economic challenges, requires me to make more gifts than usual for my extended family and friends. The list gets smaller every year, as a result of maturity, not just financial consideration. We realize that the greatest gift we can give is the gift of time. We cashed in on that this year with the wedding and family reunion. The memories made will sustain us for a long time. Seeing my little boy at 6' 2", standing next to his 4'9" Grandma, is a gift I cherish.

So, get back to your schedules. Do it with a renewed sense of excitement for a new year. Get back to planning and get back to work. Get back to the recreation that balances you. For me, that is knitting. Get back to creating something that gives you that sensation of anticipation. The "back to" feeling that you feel with every new project you start. Next time I'll talk about how good it is to feel the "job well done". Full circle to completion and fulfillment...