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Saturday, September 20, 2008


Pandemonium is defined in the dictionary as a place or scene of riotous uproar or utter chaos. Follow me to the ladies room four hours into the morning rush, after 3 cups of coffee and a lengthy meeting. I should know better. Almost running with your legs crossed is a skill we women master early.

Enter the stall with me. Time is of the essence. Door latched, pants down...pants down! Not so fast. Here is a picture of 2 of my favorite pair of pants. Notice the closures- if you can see them. Zipper, 2 buttons, a belt loop and three more buttons to undue. Chaos! Riotous uproar as I cry out to my bladder to hold on. I made it. Barely.

The following week the scene plays out again in a friends bathroom with the white linen walking shorts. What ever happened to a zipper and one button or clasp? Who knew I would actually think of an elastic waistband with longing and nostalgia? Someone told me stirrup pants will be making a comeback. I was appalled. Now, not so much...

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