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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Speaking Knitlish

Many of the newer books on the market, along with the internet, have included a glossary of the newest language of the knitter. We strive to stay current as Knit Wits. We are multilingual in this world of the art of knitting. Here is the short list:

LYS: Local yarn store
SEX: Stash enhancement expedition - yarn shopping!
UFO: Unfinished object
FO: Finished Object
WIP: Work in Progress
KIP: Knit in public. With friends whenever possible
DH: Darling Husband. You can also DD, darling daughter, DS, darling son...

I headed out to the LYS to enjoy SEX for my WIP. I have to KIP on my SIL neck warmer to finish it in time! This UFO has a difficult pattern and I can't wait for the FO! Back to my needles...

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