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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hat Pattern For Free

Inspired by a design in a tiny photo seen in the recent Vogue Knitting Magazine- I knit up a hat to proximate what I saw. (Page 32 of the Early Fall 2010 issue) I love it and have made a second one and wrote a pattern. You can try this at home for free from me to you. I feel like giving back a little something. It knits up quickly and is fun on big needles. Let me know how you like it. The first one I donated to a school in North Dakota, the second one is my sample and third one is mine!

Button Slouch Hat

-100 yards of bulky to Chunky yarn of your choice. I used a hand spun, hand dyed skein in Purple. This hat also works very well with the new yarn "Latte" by Ella rae- available at your LYS

-16' circular needles in sizes 9, 11, and 15. - one set of size 9 double points
-one stitch marker

Cast on 70 sts to the size 9 needles. K1, P1 to end of row, join in the round, place marker and continue in K1P1 ribbing in the round for 2 inches.

Knit one row. On the next row, knit 6, M1 into the 7th stitch, from the marker all the way around. There are now 80 sts on the needle.

Switch to size 11 needles and knit every row for 2 inches.

Switch to size 15 needles and knit for 2-3 inches.

Start to decrease as follows:

K18, K2tog to marker.

K17, K2tog to marker.

K16, K2tog to marker.

K15, K2tog to marker, and continue to decrease each row this way, until you have completed: K2, K2tog.

There are now 24 sts on the needle.Place 8 sts on 3 different size 9 double points and with the fourth needle, knit in the round until you have an 7 inch tube.

Use the Kitchener stitch to bind off by distributing the 24 stitches evenly onto 2 needles (12 sts on each needle) You may also do a three needle bind off loosely at this point. Leave an 18 inch tail to use to secure the tube to the hat and add the button.

Fold the tube over to the desired location, and sew on a 2 inch button through the entire flattened tube and hat. Weave in loose ends from cast on and button. The end. It is big and floppy and styling all at the same time. Very quick and very easy. All shaping is achieved by needle changes and then simple decreasing! Enjoy.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Graduation- Proof of the Sheepskin

Here is the proof that he actually walked. We noticed his best friend Spencer was a no show. He graduated w/o a problem- just decided he wouldn't walk if he had to wear the silly blue robe?
Even though the casual Southern Californian dress code is very relaxed under the said robe.
What is wrong with these kids nowadays? Oh - I sound old. Afterward, Evan informed me that he
was grateful that I "encouraged" him to be part of the moment. It was a rough week and we celebrated with dinner on Dad.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Stay on Your Knees

As in Praying- silly you! The Wenskay saga continues. As Heike said when I got to the scene of the accident- Season Three, episode #28.

On July 15th at 5:30 pm on a sultry hot day, Evan and Spencer left the house on their way to the bank and a meal out on their respective motorcycles. My parting words were as usual "Be careful and I love you" as Evan shouted back- "love you too Mom".

Five minutes later Heike (my little 24 yr old roommate, on her way home from work) called to say Evan was laying in the road and the ambulance and police were on the way and he was okay, but his arm was probably broken and his butt was roadrashed. I jumped in the car, tried to call his Dad and got there just after the ambulance and police. My son crashed his Honda 450 going 45 mph, on a very curvy road, one mile from home. A gardening truck was backing out from a gated community on a blind curve. He did not see the bikes coming. When Evan saw the truck he slammed on his brakes, flew over the bike, through the air and skidded 50 ft to a halt in the middle of the road. His friend behind him was able to stop his bike safely.

It was 97 degrees that day and Evan was not wearing his leather. He broke his right elbow and has road rash on his right leg, both hands, his back, butt and elbows. He is lucky to be alive. His bike and helmet are totaled, but the helmet did it's job and there is no head or face damage at all! A kind witness that attends the Church next door to mine, was first on the scene and took calm control over the situation. The gardeners were upset and grateful that Evan did not end up under their wheels or into oncoming traffic. He was surrounded by angels, both in the kind witness Lisa and Heike, on the scene. I was able to coach his breathing through the pain as the paramedics did their job.

At LaJolla Scripps Hospital the trauma team worked quickly. He had no neurological damage. A broken elbow, broken finger and a lot of road rash to heal. They put him under conscious sedation and set his elbow. We brought him home that evening. Today is day three and he is feeling the pain. Monday we see the orthopedic specialist. God is good. We have medical insurance. We have motorcycle insurance. His paperwork was in order. No tickets were issued. He will heal and I hope he remembers this pain. As his body knits itself back together I will knit simple hats. I know I will not forget it. We are saving his shredded pants and helmet as a reminder. Perhaps as a shrine next to the front door???

When I have time and it is safe and appropriate to do so, I plan to untangle the chaos of the emotions I am feeling about my life. Today I stay in gratitude for so many things...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Babies Everywhere!

Baby Girl born to the Cook family in Pennsylvania.

Little lamb to Hazel in Oceanside.

Brandy' baby boy sweater and outfit will reside in Temecula, CA.

This gray ensemble is perfect for Joaquin in Seattle, WA.
While a local surfer baby boy in Cardiff will enjoy the Hurley shirt and matching beanie.
All of these knit and delivered amid the chaos of June. I thank knitting and God for my peace.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Little Lambs for Little Lambs

I knit this for a friends baby. It made me smile. That is good.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

No More Dogs

We said good bye to our faithful friend. My co-dependent sidekick Steezy went to doggie heaven on June 14th and broke my heart. Turns out she had degenerative disc disease that is common to both the dachshund and beagle breeds. We did not know it until she ruptured a disc spontaneously and lost the use of her hind legs. She was sweet and brave to the end. We laughed with her all the way to the vets office. It was not that long ago that we met in the same room with our vet to have the same procedure done with Roxie-our 18 year old d/b mix. I do not think I will have another dog for a very long time. My heart cannot entertain another chance of loss in this season of hurts I am enduring. These are photos taken during her last three days when all five of us had a little time to say goodbye and shower her with our love. That is how we roll...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy New Year

Today is my birthday and it is all right. 56 years young and counting my blessings.
You are one of them! Here are some of my favorite peeps. Thanks for reading- please leave me a comment and let me know who you are!

Tori- you look like a model!!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Where To Begin?

Here is a quote from Stephanie pearl-McPhee, AKA, the Yarn Harlot.

"It is a well-known fact that if you use knitting to manage your stress, you're going to have to choose the project carefully. Small stresses usually demand complex work that can take your mind off your troubles by engaging your intellect. Big stresses, like DEATH, DIVORCE, or MEDICAL TRAGEDY, usually call for large, simple, mindless work, since your intellect has already been trashed by what you are going through."

The month of June found my life floating in the pool with all of the above capitalized sharks.

On June 5th while walking with a friend for exercise- my friend fell and exposed the bones in her left arm. It began a medical mini-tragedy. After surgery, a 4 day hospitalization with a 12 week cast, she is healing slowly.

Divorce drama continues with no end in sight. Now openly dating, my husband is "very Happy", thank you for asking.

On June 14th- we had to have our beloved puppy Steezy put to sleep. She ruptured a disc in her mid-back and was paralyzed from the waist down. My faithful companion is gone.

On June 17th- dear friends lost their beautiful, bright and believing 27 year young son. This puts all problems into crystal clear perspective.

June 18th was the day Evan graduated from High School after keeping us on the edge of our seats (and sanity) for the past month. He is wrestling with some demons and is learning to be a man of his word. Pray for this please.

June 27th was the Graduation Party hosted jointly by Don and I, to honor Evan. To all of the brave a generous souls that came and celebrated Evan's accomplishments, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. He bought a bigger motorcycle the next day.

I find myself doing word of mouth home health care, house sitting and pet care for cash. Every penny I can spare goes into the Michigan trip fund can. I want to rest in the lake, if I can.

I have great friends and family that keep me laughing and loving. Book Club, Bible Study, Wine nights, Craft Night, TGIF's and my ever-present knitting all keep me sane. Red wine, did I mention red wine? Summer break from school was needed.

So, I am knitting baby blankets and hats. Simple, mindless, calming and productive.