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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Stay on Your Knees

As in Praying- silly you! The Wenskay saga continues. As Heike said when I got to the scene of the accident- Season Three, episode #28.

On July 15th at 5:30 pm on a sultry hot day, Evan and Spencer left the house on their way to the bank and a meal out on their respective motorcycles. My parting words were as usual "Be careful and I love you" as Evan shouted back- "love you too Mom".

Five minutes later Heike (my little 24 yr old roommate, on her way home from work) called to say Evan was laying in the road and the ambulance and police were on the way and he was okay, but his arm was probably broken and his butt was roadrashed. I jumped in the car, tried to call his Dad and got there just after the ambulance and police. My son crashed his Honda 450 going 45 mph, on a very curvy road, one mile from home. A gardening truck was backing out from a gated community on a blind curve. He did not see the bikes coming. When Evan saw the truck he slammed on his brakes, flew over the bike, through the air and skidded 50 ft to a halt in the middle of the road. His friend behind him was able to stop his bike safely.

It was 97 degrees that day and Evan was not wearing his leather. He broke his right elbow and has road rash on his right leg, both hands, his back, butt and elbows. He is lucky to be alive. His bike and helmet are totaled, but the helmet did it's job and there is no head or face damage at all! A kind witness that attends the Church next door to mine, was first on the scene and took calm control over the situation. The gardeners were upset and grateful that Evan did not end up under their wheels or into oncoming traffic. He was surrounded by angels, both in the kind witness Lisa and Heike, on the scene. I was able to coach his breathing through the pain as the paramedics did their job.

At LaJolla Scripps Hospital the trauma team worked quickly. He had no neurological damage. A broken elbow, broken finger and a lot of road rash to heal. They put him under conscious sedation and set his elbow. We brought him home that evening. Today is day three and he is feeling the pain. Monday we see the orthopedic specialist. God is good. We have medical insurance. We have motorcycle insurance. His paperwork was in order. No tickets were issued. He will heal and I hope he remembers this pain. As his body knits itself back together I will knit simple hats. I know I will not forget it. We are saving his shredded pants and helmet as a reminder. Perhaps as a shrine next to the front door???

When I have time and it is safe and appropriate to do so, I plan to untangle the chaos of the emotions I am feeling about my life. Today I stay in gratitude for so many things...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks be to God, helmets, and the Angels!!! May Evan heal quickly and completely.