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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hat Pattern For Free

Inspired by a design in a tiny photo seen in the recent Vogue Knitting Magazine- I knit up a hat to proximate what I saw. (Page 32 of the Early Fall 2010 issue) I love it and have made a second one and wrote a pattern. You can try this at home for free from me to you. I feel like giving back a little something. It knits up quickly and is fun on big needles. Let me know how you like it. The first one I donated to a school in North Dakota, the second one is my sample and third one is mine!

Button Slouch Hat

-100 yards of bulky to Chunky yarn of your choice. I used a hand spun, hand dyed skein in Purple. This hat also works very well with the new yarn "Latte" by Ella rae- available at your LYS

-16' circular needles in sizes 9, 11, and 15. - one set of size 9 double points
-one stitch marker

Cast on 70 sts to the size 9 needles. K1, P1 to end of row, join in the round, place marker and continue in K1P1 ribbing in the round for 2 inches.

Knit one row. On the next row, knit 6, M1 into the 7th stitch, from the marker all the way around. There are now 80 sts on the needle.

Switch to size 11 needles and knit every row for 2 inches.

Switch to size 15 needles and knit for 2-3 inches.

Start to decrease as follows:

K18, K2tog to marker.

K17, K2tog to marker.

K16, K2tog to marker.

K15, K2tog to marker, and continue to decrease each row this way, until you have completed: K2, K2tog.

There are now 24 sts on the needle.Place 8 sts on 3 different size 9 double points and with the fourth needle, knit in the round until you have an 7 inch tube.

Use the Kitchener stitch to bind off by distributing the 24 stitches evenly onto 2 needles (12 sts on each needle) You may also do a three needle bind off loosely at this point. Leave an 18 inch tail to use to secure the tube to the hat and add the button.

Fold the tube over to the desired location, and sew on a 2 inch button through the entire flattened tube and hat. Weave in loose ends from cast on and button. The end. It is big and floppy and styling all at the same time. Very quick and very easy. All shaping is achieved by needle changes and then simple decreasing! Enjoy.

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