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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Confusion

I know it is the 26th of December. I remember. We made it through with no casualties. I am shell shocked. I feel somewhat like Poland did when Hitler was looking over her shoulder and about to pounce. The other shoe is poised and waiting to drop. War is quietly and strategically being waged. I like open warfare. I am not clever about espionage and subterfuge.

I digress. Back to Christmas. The Christmas eve candlelight service ran on and on. One and one half hours long. Mercy!!! We should have stayed at the party and had one more glass of wine. Christmas morning was small and uneventful. Friends have been helpful. Knitting has been tranquil. The kids have been quiet. Evan has disappeared. Brynn is off to LA to have fun with friends. Ryan keeps pointing out (out loud) every little thing that is different.

I have tried escaping myself and find it disconcerting. I have left the house and Don has done some Dad duty. I wanted to be alone and although I was not lonely, it was surreal. I want to be in my own home. I want to celebrate. I want snow. I want good Christmas. I want to sit on Santa's lap. I want normal and know I will never have it again...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Three Amazing Things

Honestly, last night on my way to craft night, I was driving down Lone Jack at 6:50 pm and before my very eyes there appeared a shooting star that looked just like the the image shown when Hollywood portrays Santa's sleigh dashing across the sky. It had a tail and it burnt out as it crossed the horizon. Amazing.

This morning I watched the humble little hummingbird attempt to extract nectar from the poinsettias in the planters by the front door. I was doing the dishes and was treated to this display for my efforts. Amazing.

Driving to school to take my history final the sun was bright and shiny through the cumulus, lacy clouds. It was beautiful. Amazing.

This is amazing because it is December the fifteenth. Why do people want to live in San Diego. This could prove to be a convincing argument. I am amazed.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Salmon Anyone?

For my silver anniversary I received this salmon platter from the Farley's. I love it and I created this recipe to match my plate. You can shape the fish on any plate or tray. Here is the recipe:

2 tubs of whipped cream cheese
fresh chives
1 can of cleaned flaked salmon
1 package of thin sliced smoked salmon
1 skinny English Cucumber
1 large Black olive
Romaine or Leaf lettuce to line the fish body

Mix 2 large whipped cream cheese with one can of Trader Joe canned cleaned salmon and fine diced chives. Line the plate with lettuce leaves and spread the mixture over the lettuce. Then place a layer of thin sliced smoked salmon over the spread. Next, use English cucumbers and do not skin. Pick skinny cukes. Slice thin and place over the salmon and spread like scales. Add a big black olive for the eye and serve with a big bowl of crackers and thin sliced baguette. Delicious and a conversation piece.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree

I did not want to do Christmas. Then I went to the Knitwits party and it was so pretty, I wanted a little Christmas. My friend owns the Evergreen Nursery and she surprised me with a perfect tree as tall as me. She also brought a gorgeous live wreath. That is a splurge. No ladder, no problem. Karen came over and I drug out as much as I could reach easily, and 4 hours later, we have Christmas. It is scaled way back and has a knitty theme. Ryan will love it, and my joy is intact. Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sneaky December

It holds a prestigious place on the calender. Final month of the year. The Grand finale and chock full of Holidays, celebrations and deadlines. Something for everyone.

So why does it ambush us and take us by surprise??? I hoped to post about Thanksgiving and now it seems so passe??? Tonight I attended my first Christmas party. It was great fun in a perfect Christmas house with my favorite ladies- the Knitwits. We had so much fun- eating, drinking, and laughing.

Every year December comes along and I never feel prepared. Yet it arrives and rushes by. Breathe my friends. Breathe...