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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Three Amazing Things

Honestly, last night on my way to craft night, I was driving down Lone Jack at 6:50 pm and before my very eyes there appeared a shooting star that looked just like the the image shown when Hollywood portrays Santa's sleigh dashing across the sky. It had a tail and it burnt out as it crossed the horizon. Amazing.

This morning I watched the humble little hummingbird attempt to extract nectar from the poinsettias in the planters by the front door. I was doing the dishes and was treated to this display for my efforts. Amazing.

Driving to school to take my history final the sun was bright and shiny through the cumulus, lacy clouds. It was beautiful. Amazing.

This is amazing because it is December the fifteenth. Why do people want to live in San Diego. This could prove to be a convincing argument. I am amazed.

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