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Friday, December 11, 2009

Salmon Anyone?

For my silver anniversary I received this salmon platter from the Farley's. I love it and I created this recipe to match my plate. You can shape the fish on any plate or tray. Here is the recipe:

2 tubs of whipped cream cheese
fresh chives
1 can of cleaned flaked salmon
1 package of thin sliced smoked salmon
1 skinny English Cucumber
1 large Black olive
Romaine or Leaf lettuce to line the fish body

Mix 2 large whipped cream cheese with one can of Trader Joe canned cleaned salmon and fine diced chives. Line the plate with lettuce leaves and spread the mixture over the lettuce. Then place a layer of thin sliced smoked salmon over the spread. Next, use English cucumbers and do not skin. Pick skinny cukes. Slice thin and place over the salmon and spread like scales. Add a big black olive for the eye and serve with a big bowl of crackers and thin sliced baguette. Delicious and a conversation piece.

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