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Monday, May 19, 2008

Buddha Love

Our adopted Chinese son, Eric Chen, brought his girlfriend home for us to meet. They live in AZ. Beth is a lovely girl that manages the craziness of Eric very well.

On Mother's Day they called me from Las Vegas and said they had been married. Of course,it was a joke. I'm still not sure if they called from Vegas or AZ?

Our boy has put on some weight in the (beer?) belly. Thus earning the new nickname. Buddha.
That's payback for telling me he hates my haircut short- like a mom. Don't get me started...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Red or White, Ice or Straight up?

The question all wine drinkers must face. For some strange reason, white wine gives me a headache and queasy feeling. Red, never lets me down. In the summer, I will ice a dry white for poolside drinking. I also like a white Sangria on the dry side. I do not do well with anything sweet. Sweets are something I do in moderation. Never a dessert kind of girl- my cravings tend towards the salty/crunchy category.

Red is my choice, and more accurately, my delight. Pinot Noir and Cabernet sate my wine needs. A nice French table wine is always good. I am less fond of the Syrahs and Shiraz. I am not a wine snob by any stretch of the imagination. I have a current favorite discovered recently under $5 a bottle. I swear it measures up to one of my favorite Pinots from Oregon that sells for $40 a bottle.

Last summer a good friend hosted a blind wine tasting competition. He knew what was under the brown paper wrapper and the four couples in attendance did not. The wines ranged in price from $7 to $80. Reds only, that night. Guess which won? Yes, the Red Diamond Cabernet 2005 from Trader Joe's. Yes, I brought it. I did not think anyone else would bring such an inexpensive bottle to be a ringer. Who could have known it would place first out of 8 bottles. Dinner was great and the unexpected outcome was fun.

There are few pleasures that exceed a nice glass of wine on the patio, sunset before you, hectic day behind you. A small plate of cheese (another of my favorites) with your favorite crusty bread or cracker, and a lap full of knitting, well that does it for me. People to share it with occasionally, can also be nice.

Whatever it is that relaxes you, mellows you out and causes the senses to sing- pursue it. The possibilities are endless. Summer offers opportunities to enjoy nature in a favorite form. Fresh air, sunshine and water, mixed with free time= happiness. It doesn't hurt to have a great dog asleep on your feet. I vote for Red...

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Can I Have a Hug

Ryan is my 26 year old Autistic and mentally retarded son. This is as close to bliss as he can get. Embraced by Heike Mannix, the daughter of Irmgard, my dear friend from high school days. Heike has graduated from college and moved to SoCal to make her way. She has the best darn apartment ever. Now she needs a job. Maybe if Ryan lets go, she can get to that second interview...

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Knit Fantasy. All the projects I dream of completing. All of the luscious yarn to see, feel and smell. The books I want to buy, and the books I own that beckon me to knit a flattering pattern. Surfing the Internet from Knitters Review to Webs, in search of the latest info and textures. When I have the time, hitting every ad link on the sidebar. Did you know you can generate revenue for the site owner. Every little bit helps! Back to my yarn. Giant Ziploc bags now hold projects assembled with the notions, yarn, pattern and even the needles in some cases. The theory is grab a bag, complete a project, grab the next bag and knit your brains out. Brilliant!

A Never Knitter was in my home and wanted to see my yarn collection. I am embarrassed to say that half of my stash is spread around my room in an attempt to organize and simplify. Baggies, books, needles and notions explosion. This has been going on for months. My spouse is so patient. The closet that he had built for my stash, over floweth. Never Knitters cannot understand the absolute necessity of the yarn in my house. Knitter Quitters are usually a little bit more understanding, yet ever so smug about the fact that they quit knitting and liquidated their stash. Neutral Knitters have shifted from overdrive and are on a knitting hiatus. Those are the people that usually get excited to see the storehouse of goodies in my room. Inspired is what I aim for.

Imagine if they saw the stuff in the garage????

Monday, May 5, 2008

100th Blog Blues West Bound

TADAAA!!! Balloons releasing, poppers popping, fireworks screaming and cue the violins. In anticipation of my 100th post on the blog, I developed writers flow. That would be the opposite of writers block. I had too many stories, too many ideas and too much information to share. I could not decide which story would take the coveted 100th post. So ensued a blog vacuum.

Now, my not posting has become the story. I can lay the blame on my events calender since April 17th. I know that everyone is busy. Somehow, the pace of my life is unable to keep time with my duties, obligations and downright delights. A blessing and a curse.

I have access to free wifi tonight in the Southwest Florida Airport in Ft Myers. My flight was scheduled to leave here at 6 pm and get me to San Diego by 11 pm. I yearn to return home and those feelings are heightened by my helpless inability to achieve flight. The plane is grounded due to mechanical difficulties. The airline will try to get me to Houston tonight. They have me booked on an 8 am flight in the morning which would get me home in time to get Evan to his guitar lesson. I will spend the night in Florida or Texas. I am California dreaming. I hope those dreams take place in a hotel room as opposed to a row of airport seats in the terminal.

Why Florida, you ask? Kindergarten Class reunion. Vicki Lyn Popoff and I attended school together from Kindergarten through 12th grade. Along the way came Cassie, Deb and Irm. We have been friends forever. We realize how rare a gift it is and occasionally we celebrate it. That was this week end for me. It coincided with Vicki's Mothers 80th birthday. Her 5 children and spouses, 11 grandchildren and spouses, and 3? great grand babies were all in attendance. We were enfolded within the family. I loved it. Add to the mix- HOT sunshine with sugar sand beaches and I will go home sun kissed. When I go home?

During our stay I knit a simple triangular shawl for the birthday "girl". It was tricky with 2 strands of rayon slub thread held together throughout. It was so springy- it tried to jump off the needles several times. It turned out nicely and Donna will wear it well. She is the best looking 80 year old ever.

So, milestones are met, birthdays are celebrated, connections are strengthened. Another sun sets on a day full of completed and uncompleted plans. Posting catch up will now begin...