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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Red or White, Ice or Straight up?

The question all wine drinkers must face. For some strange reason, white wine gives me a headache and queasy feeling. Red, never lets me down. In the summer, I will ice a dry white for poolside drinking. I also like a white Sangria on the dry side. I do not do well with anything sweet. Sweets are something I do in moderation. Never a dessert kind of girl- my cravings tend towards the salty/crunchy category.

Red is my choice, and more accurately, my delight. Pinot Noir and Cabernet sate my wine needs. A nice French table wine is always good. I am less fond of the Syrahs and Shiraz. I am not a wine snob by any stretch of the imagination. I have a current favorite discovered recently under $5 a bottle. I swear it measures up to one of my favorite Pinots from Oregon that sells for $40 a bottle.

Last summer a good friend hosted a blind wine tasting competition. He knew what was under the brown paper wrapper and the four couples in attendance did not. The wines ranged in price from $7 to $80. Reds only, that night. Guess which won? Yes, the Red Diamond Cabernet 2005 from Trader Joe's. Yes, I brought it. I did not think anyone else would bring such an inexpensive bottle to be a ringer. Who could have known it would place first out of 8 bottles. Dinner was great and the unexpected outcome was fun.

There are few pleasures that exceed a nice glass of wine on the patio, sunset before you, hectic day behind you. A small plate of cheese (another of my favorites) with your favorite crusty bread or cracker, and a lap full of knitting, well that does it for me. People to share it with occasionally, can also be nice.

Whatever it is that relaxes you, mellows you out and causes the senses to sing- pursue it. The possibilities are endless. Summer offers opportunities to enjoy nature in a favorite form. Fresh air, sunshine and water, mixed with free time= happiness. It doesn't hurt to have a great dog asleep on your feet. I vote for Red...

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Jason said...

If you like the Red Diamond you should try some of the other Washington Cabs from Trader Joe's that I mention in my review here. The Columbia Crest Two Vines offering is even better in my opinion. I'd be interested to hear what you think!