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Monday, May 5, 2008

100th Blog Blues West Bound

TADAAA!!! Balloons releasing, poppers popping, fireworks screaming and cue the violins. In anticipation of my 100th post on the blog, I developed writers flow. That would be the opposite of writers block. I had too many stories, too many ideas and too much information to share. I could not decide which story would take the coveted 100th post. So ensued a blog vacuum.

Now, my not posting has become the story. I can lay the blame on my events calender since April 17th. I know that everyone is busy. Somehow, the pace of my life is unable to keep time with my duties, obligations and downright delights. A blessing and a curse.

I have access to free wifi tonight in the Southwest Florida Airport in Ft Myers. My flight was scheduled to leave here at 6 pm and get me to San Diego by 11 pm. I yearn to return home and those feelings are heightened by my helpless inability to achieve flight. The plane is grounded due to mechanical difficulties. The airline will try to get me to Houston tonight. They have me booked on an 8 am flight in the morning which would get me home in time to get Evan to his guitar lesson. I will spend the night in Florida or Texas. I am California dreaming. I hope those dreams take place in a hotel room as opposed to a row of airport seats in the terminal.

Why Florida, you ask? Kindergarten Class reunion. Vicki Lyn Popoff and I attended school together from Kindergarten through 12th grade. Along the way came Cassie, Deb and Irm. We have been friends forever. We realize how rare a gift it is and occasionally we celebrate it. That was this week end for me. It coincided with Vicki's Mothers 80th birthday. Her 5 children and spouses, 11 grandchildren and spouses, and 3? great grand babies were all in attendance. We were enfolded within the family. I loved it. Add to the mix- HOT sunshine with sugar sand beaches and I will go home sun kissed. When I go home?

During our stay I knit a simple triangular shawl for the birthday "girl". It was tricky with 2 strands of rayon slub thread held together throughout. It was so springy- it tried to jump off the needles several times. It turned out nicely and Donna will wear it well. She is the best looking 80 year old ever.

So, milestones are met, birthdays are celebrated, connections are strengthened. Another sun sets on a day full of completed and uncompleted plans. Posting catch up will now begin...

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