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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Knit Wit Rebound

Last Wednesday we had a food shortage and a wine abundance at Knit Wits. Imbalance caused us to overcompensate last night, so the eating was good. Next week, I expect to see us balanced again with just enough food and adequate wine for all.

We have continued to work on our KAL with serious knitting going on, as we pay attention to complicated stitch patterns. If we get too excited with our conversation, we spend our time frogging. No fun and frustrating.

I brought in a heavy selection of books and patterns to consider for another KAL. The ladies that are knitting at the proposed rate of one block per month were dismayed. Our KAL project required one to knit a new stitch block each month. Some of the ladies ( no names published, you know who you are), have finished their Throws. I must complete mine by June for a wedding gift. I have a second one on the needles for my own home. I will stay on track with that one.

Finish afghan, originally uploaded by headknitwit.

It is fun to see the colorways coming together. The group dynamics are a microcosm of society at large. We all start out, travel along, then complete our journey uniquely. As long as we finish in the same place, we will win! Fortunately for me, my fellow travelers keep me laughing along the way...

First panels, originally uploaded by headknitwit.

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