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Monday, April 7, 2008

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Jazzercise

Three years ago I knitted a yoga mat bag sample for the store. Noble Knits West folded a year ago and That yoga bag with new mat remained in the trunk of my car all year long.

Two weeks ago while visiting Yia Yia's bedside, Christine's cousin Laurel popped down on the floor and started to demonstrate her yoga routine. She had a lot of kinks to work out and her audience was enthralled. I ran out to the car, grabbed my bundle and spontaneously gifted her with the well traveled Yoga mat bag. Laurel was pleased and I was thrilled that I remembered the bag and found a welcome home for it.

Fast forward to Knit Wits Wednesday. Heather reminds me that she has started to torture herself with Jazzercise. She remembers the Yoga mat and bag that rattles around in my car. Lime green and turquoise yarn calls out, "look at me"! The forgotten bag has been remembered and found life with Laurel and is desired by Heather. How ironic. What to do?

Knit a new one for Heather! She picked out the yarn(pink and turquoise) and I want to finish it by Wednesday night as a surprise. Ryan was home this weekend, so I got a good start on it. 2 days to go, gotta knit now...

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Heather said...

Um, I'll act surprised! It's even better than I imagined it would be! I love it. I still can't believe that old one is gone, I feel like it will haunt us forever...