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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Smellavision Needed

I walked outside to photograph some blog shots and to my surprise, I smelled something wonderful. It was my favorite flower fragrance- Freesia.

I have enough planted around the front and back doors that I can cut them and bring the scent into the house.

This is truly one of the best blessings of California living. Blooms all year, but fragrance of the Gods in February. I wish you could smell with me...

Charts and Patterns

If you want to practice knitting from a chart this is the pattern for you! It is the free pattern from Knitculture that we are using for our philanthropy project of Red Scarves for Heartscarves.

Remember, as we leave the month of February behind us, that heart disease is the #1 killer of women in America. The goal is to make a scarf for every survivor. Solidarity. Love...

Pattern Correction

To all you dear knitters making a red heart scarf for the
Heartscarves project- there is an error in the #11 line of the pattern.

It should read as:
k2, yo, k2tog, k4, k2tog, yo, k3, yo, k2tog tbl, k4, k2tog, yo, k2.

It was missing a yo. Otherwise, the pattern is fun and easy to follow with a 25 row repeat it knits up quickly.
I am using a worsted weight on size 7 needles. Next time
I plan to use chunkier yarn and bigger needle for the sake of speed! Have fun.

Dinosaur Tails

When Evan was a baby first able to comprehend books, he fell in love with dinosaurs. That fascination lasted for many years. As a toddler we lived in a house on a cul-de-sac with neighbors 5 feet away, on the other side of a tall wooden fence. One day while upstairs making beds, Evan stood up and spied a sight on the other side of the fence.

He shouted out in glee- " Dinosaur tails, Mommy!" Indeed.

That is what they looked like then, and now. That is what we have called this plant since 1995. I have said since moving here, that much of what I used to believe was fantasy from the head of Dr. Seuss was really his environment. We live in his neighborhood of tuttle-tuttle trees and dinosaur tails...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hairy Snowfall

Today it will not rain. Hurrah! I want to clean the filthy carpet in my car with the amazing carpet cleaning machine. I borrowed it from my friend, Kathleen. I really wanted this machine for Christmas, but it cost more than the camera I was craving and the camera won. Kathleen is kind to let me borrow her machine and I will try to limit the loan requests to less than 3x a year.

Maybe we should time share the thing. I'm game. In Michigan, four families chipped in to by a really large and efficient snow blower. It was bigger and better than any machine we could have afforded individually. We agreed to use it mutually and the last person left in the neighborhood would own it. Often, once the person started the snow removal at their own house it was so much fun that we would keep going and cover 4-6 houses. That was sidewalks and driveways. Over a five year period of a wonderful working arrangement we were the 3rd family to relocate and Bob ended up owning the machine. Such a lovely street "Villa."

When we moved it was to a large home with a lot of land and we needed a snowplow service. I shoveled the walkways with a wonderful wooden snow shovel that was smooth and quiet. I loved to shovel snow. When we moved to California, I deeded that wooden snow shovel to my BIL, Dennis. He was one of the few people I knew that enjoyed the satisfaction of shoveling a concise crisp path through the frozen pristine fluff. Memories.

Today, I tackle the less than pristine fluff of fallen dog hair that carpets the floor of my car. It does not give me near as much pleasure. I love my silly dog. She loves me. It is her hair fall that I do not love. It will never end. Wearing black is becoming a problem. My other dog did not shed. If I knew how to spin yarn, I could knit a sweater with the fur I brush off of her! I have an amazing tool called a Furminator and it is awesome. Hit the link and check it out. Just last week I filled a shoebox with her combings. Poor me. Off to vacuum and scrub...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Dominic Wenskay

How quickly one year goes by.
How quickly we forget what this world was like before you came along! We are so grateful for you. God Bless you and keep you, forever and ever Amen.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Where are my Glasses?

I awoke this morning to stumble to the coffee pot and load the dishwasher. Nothing unusual there.
I did not bother to slip on my glasses or even stop by the bathroom.

As I was grinding the coffee beans, the dog started to bark hysterically. I looked up to see a very unusual parade marching down my driveway on their way to the horse trails beyond the fence of our neighbor. First, 2 large golden retrievers (detouring to our front door to answer Steezy's call), then a lady in a large sun hat, followed by a little girl with an ugly pug on a leash, followed by a sweet young boy being pulled by a lamb on a leash! What the heck? I rubbed my eyes, tried to calm the dog and pushed the start button on the dishwasher.

Just then the pool dude drove up. I opened the window and asked him if he had seen the lamb on a leash. He laughed and said yes, he had to stop at the top of the hill to let the procession pass. All good. I headed to the bathroom comforted by the confirmation of my vision. I love living in the country...

Me, Knitting. Take 2

So, if there was a glass of wine next to that ball of yarn,
then this is how I look when I am knitting. One of my
fantasy versions. Alright, I have short hair and I am old...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Put Down the Knitting

I cleaned house all day.
I love it when the house is clean.
I was so happy that I was irresistable.
Put down the knitting baby!


This is how I feel when I knit. This is not how I look to anyone else. But, in my head it is ethereal, and so am I.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Disaster Averted

Danger Homeowners. Beware! This weekend I made (requested nicely) that the boys help me clean and organize this crazy house. We sorted through clean clothes, putting away, discarding donations and gathering a load for the dry cleaners. I placed them in a large handled, paper shopping bag. The plan was to put them in my car later. That was yesterday.

Tonight, just before going to bed, Don asked where the big bag of dry cleaning was? I said, "Yes, where is the paper sack of clothes?" He said, "Oh, I had so much, I put yours and mine together in a big trash bag." Simultaneously realizing that he took out the trash this morning on the way to work! His very own bag of clothes, including Evan's tuxedo and my favorite sweater.

Dumpster diving was fruitful. Wet, stinky, but all accounted for, the clothes are in the car where I will safely transport them to live another day! You would be so proud of me. I thanked God and was very sweet when I reminded Don never to put clothes in garbage bags ever, EVER. It seemed like just yesterday (not 20 years ago) that he threw away all of my stored summer clothes when cleaning our former basement. I thought we both learned our lesson then. Marriage is such sweet bliss...

Knittin Contraceptives?

This is the infamous Knit Kit!Everything a knitter could need and airline safe. I think the agents in Puerto Vallarta would think this was some scary holistic birth control!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Perfect Heart Scarf Pattern For Free

Hi there knitters. I have asked you all to knit a red scarf for the very worthy Heartscarves Project mentioned in a past blog. While out surfing (the internet, duh...) I found the perfect free pattern. It is exactly what I would have designed if I had the time. Please go to this link: and scroll to the bottom of the page and push the button to their blog. There are numerous free patterns that are gorgeous. All this surfing is exhausting and makes me hungry. Bring your scarves to KnitWits, the NCKG meeting, or leave me a comment asking for a mailing address. Thank you on behalf of every heart patient out there!

The Beverly Hillbillies Have Relocated

Aren't you glad you do not live next door to this!?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Who Is That Sweet Man??

Joanna and Evan are ready to dance the night away.
Dad is proud of his tall son. We just do not know where this height come from? When you date tall guys, you get to wear shoes like this.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Crash Penance

Part of Evan's repayment plan includes, babysitting his handicapped brother, so Mom and Dad can date. While watching Ryan, he plays guitar. He is the official dog-walker. Car washing, garbage detail, and being at my beck and call, are his new plan.

Saturday, the LA Junkyard junket was fruitful. Everything but the hood is back on the car. It is drivable and may need a new radiator? Still a work in progress and still undetermined what the bottom line cost will be. I like the compliant and remorseful Evan. He is my favorite manifestation of Evan, so far.

French Girl Knits Review

Most of you know that I am a traveler
by nature. I keep a suitcase next to the bed, ready to go at the drop of a hat. Airports make my heart pound with anticipation. I also love France.
As an avid armchair traveler that researches trips and tickets, I like to look at tours offered for knitters. Google knitting tours and see what I mean. The possibilities are limitless.

I first became aware of French Girl's
Tours advertised in the back of Interweave Knits magazine. I fantasized knitting with world class instructors in the south of France. Oh, how I longed to go. The season for taking yarn tours throughout the far reaches of the fiber world would have to wait until the nest was empty. I accepted that while continuing to monitored their travel offerings.

Seeing this book was a welcome treat. I highly recommend it. The patterns are mostly top down construction and seamless where possible. I have found several that I would love to knit. My criteria for purchasing a book is just that. Are there at least 4 individual patterns I want to knit? The average cost of one pattern is $5. The book was under $20 at Amazon I am especially interested in the lacy sleeveless or cap-sleeved tops that work so well in San Diego's climate. Paired with a tank top or light weight cami, you can make your hand knit fashion statement. The author infuses the book with stories that help to make this a good read from cover to cover, before you ever pick up your needles. Fly, needles, fly. No airport needed to take a wonderful trip! Carry on your knitting bag...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Latest Bag to Love

So, here is the autographed copy of my new favorite knitting book. I have completed the knitting and interfacing of the bag featured on the cover. I need to embroider the flowers, line with dupioni silk, then seam the sides up. It looks like rusty wheat and the lining is a iridescent peach color. I will treat it like royalty, it is that special. I am knitting another in lime green for a special birthday coming in March. Stay tuned for photos.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Those Lovable KnitWits

Whether hardly knitting, or knitting Hard, you have to love the ladies!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Feeling the February Love

How did we barrel head first into February, the love month? All things of the heart have found their foundation in the month of the Valentine. The holiday based on a couple of Christian Martyrs and popularized by no less than Chaucer? (Go to Wikipedia for the details).

The American Heart Association has adopted the month to highlight heart disease, the number one killer of women in the US. Higher than all cancer combined? Who knew. Now you know. At the Guild we knitters support the cause by knitting red scarves for the organization called Heartscarves. They in turn distribute the scarves to recovering heart patients to wear in unity.we do the same with pink for the Breast Cancer cause in October.

We were able to donate approximately 40 beautiful red scarves to our local contact person. She photographed them in a thank you. This is one of the bonus features of serving as the Philanthropy Chairwoman for the knitting Guild. I get all of the "heart"felt thanks. Warm and gratifying. So, thanks to all of you gifted knitters that take time to put the love into every stitch for a perfect stranger. What a wonderful way to celebrate the common cosmic connection we share.

If you would like to be part of this worthy cause, please contact me for a mailing address to submit your finished red scarf! Our contact has 3 new hospitals that would like to distribute scarves to their heart patients. Can we help answer the call?

Here is a simple, but lovely free pattern to get you started. Any and all designs in red are welcome. 5 inches or less in width, and approximately 5 1/2 feet long. The purpose is not warmth, as much as fashion and solidarity. Viva la Heart!

Simple Lace Scarf

-with size 10 needles and worsted weight yarn Cast on 20 stitches

-Knit rows 1-9

-Row 10: k1,*(YO,K2tog); repeat from * to last stitch,end by knitting 1.

-Repeat these 10 rows until scarf is desired length. End with row nine.

-Bind off loosely. Fringe if desired. Embellish with a tassle, beads, or ribbon.

Be creative and have fun.