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Monday, February 16, 2009

Disaster Averted

Danger Homeowners. Beware! This weekend I made (requested nicely) that the boys help me clean and organize this crazy house. We sorted through clean clothes, putting away, discarding donations and gathering a load for the dry cleaners. I placed them in a large handled, paper shopping bag. The plan was to put them in my car later. That was yesterday.

Tonight, just before going to bed, Don asked where the big bag of dry cleaning was? I said, "Yes, where is the paper sack of clothes?" He said, "Oh, I had so much, I put yours and mine together in a big trash bag." Simultaneously realizing that he took out the trash this morning on the way to work! His very own bag of clothes, including Evan's tuxedo and my favorite sweater.

Dumpster diving was fruitful. Wet, stinky, but all accounted for, the clothes are in the car where I will safely transport them to live another day! You would be so proud of me. I thanked God and was very sweet when I reminded Don never to put clothes in garbage bags ever, EVER. It seemed like just yesterday (not 20 years ago) that he threw away all of my stored summer clothes when cleaning our former basement. I thought we both learned our lesson then. Marriage is such sweet bliss...

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Heather said...

Dumpster diving on the coldest, rainiest night of the year! Life is never dull, is it?