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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Where are my Glasses?

I awoke this morning to stumble to the coffee pot and load the dishwasher. Nothing unusual there.
I did not bother to slip on my glasses or even stop by the bathroom.

As I was grinding the coffee beans, the dog started to bark hysterically. I looked up to see a very unusual parade marching down my driveway on their way to the horse trails beyond the fence of our neighbor. First, 2 large golden retrievers (detouring to our front door to answer Steezy's call), then a lady in a large sun hat, followed by a little girl with an ugly pug on a leash, followed by a sweet young boy being pulled by a lamb on a leash! What the heck? I rubbed my eyes, tried to calm the dog and pushed the start button on the dishwasher.

Just then the pool dude drove up. I opened the window and asked him if he had seen the lamb on a leash. He laughed and said yes, he had to stop at the top of the hill to let the procession pass. All good. I headed to the bathroom comforted by the confirmation of my vision. I love living in the country...

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