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Sunday, March 28, 2010

This Was a Good Day

March madness is finally behind me. Not the basketball- I could care less! I am celebrating a week off of school for Spring Break. It is the time of year when the sunshine and blue skies make me count my blessings. Living in this gorgeous part of the world is enough. Just for today, it is enough.

I drove home from Church with the windows down. The wind whipped through my hair and my senses were overwhelmed by the scents assailing me. The jasmine, the wisteria, the hay and the horses earthy manure were equally sweet. I know, right?

I quickly changed into a bathing suit and took my knitting out to the chaise by the pool. I mastered a new technique. I crocheted a picot edge all around the pristine white lacy thong I had knit Friday.

I wove white silk ribbon through the waistband and wrapped the thong in tissue to add to a set of delicate white tanks from Victoria's Secret. I regret that I did not photograph it, in all of it's bride-like deliciousness, before I dashed off to deliver it to the blushing bride at her bridal shower.

Evan was waiting for me at home, hungry and tired from a snowboard trip at Big Bear. I made a quick dinner and sat down to honor a request from Ruth Godly, the saint from church I sat next to this morning. You see, this morning she said she missed my blog. How sweet. She made me remember that I missed it too. Greetings and salutations. Easter Blessings and Mazel Tov!

Monday, March 8, 2010

I Am So Tired

The Academy awards were on yesterday and I had every intention of ignoring them. I have been slammed with my homework. Turns out that I need to devote approximately four hours of study for every credit I am taking. That is 32 hours a week. I am all A's in Algebra to date. Biology lab is a solid A, so far. Biology is kicking my butt. Micro and genetics is killing me. DNA, RNA, Kreb's cycle, etc. I am weak in the type of memorization required.

I spent all day Sunday and the better part of Saturday hitting the books. I was worn out and done in by 5pm Sunday. One of my craft artists buddies lives just over the hill. She holds an Annual Oscar party, complete with a large gold statue for the guest that has the best score on picking the winners in every category. I decided to take a break, jump in the shower and head on over.

I printed out a ballot and while blow drying I made my guesses. I only saw 3 of the nominated films, this year. A very odd mix. Avatar, District 9 and Inglorious Bastards. Some how, I won! I am now in possession of the big gold statue. I have to keep it until next year, when we meet again. My name is "engraved"(written hastily with a Sharpie) on the base. The first entry is dated 2002. Just when you think you have lost all of your traditions, you inexplicably become part of a new one. What a wonder...

Monday, March 1, 2010

Reflective Pool