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Monday, March 8, 2010

I Am So Tired

The Academy awards were on yesterday and I had every intention of ignoring them. I have been slammed with my homework. Turns out that I need to devote approximately four hours of study for every credit I am taking. That is 32 hours a week. I am all A's in Algebra to date. Biology lab is a solid A, so far. Biology is kicking my butt. Micro and genetics is killing me. DNA, RNA, Kreb's cycle, etc. I am weak in the type of memorization required.

I spent all day Sunday and the better part of Saturday hitting the books. I was worn out and done in by 5pm Sunday. One of my craft artists buddies lives just over the hill. She holds an Annual Oscar party, complete with a large gold statue for the guest that has the best score on picking the winners in every category. I decided to take a break, jump in the shower and head on over.

I printed out a ballot and while blow drying I made my guesses. I only saw 3 of the nominated films, this year. A very odd mix. Avatar, District 9 and Inglorious Bastards. Some how, I won! I am now in possession of the big gold statue. I have to keep it until next year, when we meet again. My name is "engraved"(written hastily with a Sharpie) on the base. The first entry is dated 2002. Just when you think you have lost all of your traditions, you inexplicably become part of a new one. What a wonder...

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