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Sunday, March 28, 2010

This Was a Good Day

March madness is finally behind me. Not the basketball- I could care less! I am celebrating a week off of school for Spring Break. It is the time of year when the sunshine and blue skies make me count my blessings. Living in this gorgeous part of the world is enough. Just for today, it is enough.

I drove home from Church with the windows down. The wind whipped through my hair and my senses were overwhelmed by the scents assailing me. The jasmine, the wisteria, the hay and the horses earthy manure were equally sweet. I know, right?

I quickly changed into a bathing suit and took my knitting out to the chaise by the pool. I mastered a new technique. I crocheted a picot edge all around the pristine white lacy thong I had knit Friday.

I wove white silk ribbon through the waistband and wrapped the thong in tissue to add to a set of delicate white tanks from Victoria's Secret. I regret that I did not photograph it, in all of it's bride-like deliciousness, before I dashed off to deliver it to the blushing bride at her bridal shower.

Evan was waiting for me at home, hungry and tired from a snowboard trip at Big Bear. I made a quick dinner and sat down to honor a request from Ruth Godly, the saint from church I sat next to this morning. You see, this morning she said she missed my blog. How sweet. She made me remember that I missed it too. Greetings and salutations. Easter Blessings and Mazel Tov!


Anonymous said...

Whew, you're back...Some of your readers were starting to worry!
Enjoy your springtime!

Anonymous said...

I as well am glad you are back. I enjoy reading your blog