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Friday, April 2, 2010

I'm Baaack!

Wow- what a week. It was going so well. Restful, peaceful and a real break from school with Spring weather to enjoy. I had a smile on my face from my last minutes in Lab Friday afternoon, all the way to Tuesday afternoon. I took the car in for a noise in the steering and a way over due, oil change. Woe is me, smile turned upside down. The estimate for repair- $500. Well, at least I got the oil changed and away I went to contemplate the needs of my freedom rider (car). I went home to sleep on it and decided to catch up on some bloggin.

I gathered my camera to download photos, made me a little snack, poured myself a little glass of the red, and turned on the computer. I am so glad I was sitting there to watch. I would have always wondered? The screen booted up, my name appeared and I hit the button to log on. The screen blared every color, fragmented from top to bottom. Through the color fog I could see my hotmail attempting to appear. Then, poof! Black screen. I was just a little distraught.

What to do? Go to bed.

The next morning I used my son's ancient computer to check my email and lament my losses via social networking. Facebook to the rescue. Heather and Tom are two brilliant people and good friends to me. First of all they happen to be the King and Queen of DIY projects, including auto repair. Who knew. Brakes- no problem. Steering disorder requires a simple flush and I will do that at the pro's shop. Now the computer. By the time I had driven north to their house, they had researched and found the best prices and qualities I needed. Tom dismantled my old Toshiba. The hard drive lay lifeless on the table with leads and wires connected to all kid of cables. Life support was in place and Dr. Tom diagnosed my blown capacitor oozing out the side o my laptop. So, a new Toshiba was purchased and Tom got busy with the transplant. The donor hard drive gave life to the new recipient hard drive in my second Toshiba, "little Toshie"

We are working together right now and we are bonding slowly. I am not a real champ about changes. Windows 7- I did not invent this. I cannot find my bookmarks and my links to some cool things appear to have disappered? But- it is all good. I will master the machine, cause this old dog has already shown she can learn new tricks! With a little help from her friends...

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Ruth Godley said...

I am so glad you are back blogging!