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Saturday, April 10, 2010

How To Make a Tote Bag From A Thrift Store Sweater


-Wool Cable Sweater
-Canvas Tote turned
inside out.
-Purse Handles
-Sewing machine
-Leather cord

Cut off the sleeve at six inches from cuff edge. Stitch closed at the cut line. Sew into the inside of the purse just below the top bound edge.

Cut the straps of the canvas bag three inches long and thread the handles through and stitch down to the canvas bag with matching thread.

Cut the sweater to match the length of the canvas tote, usually near the armpits of the sweater. The ribbed bottom edge of the sweater will go around the top of your tote. Sew the raw cut edge seam closed with a zigzag stitch.

Slip the rectangle of sweater over the outside of the canvas tote and pin into place with ease. Using zigzag stitch around the top and then one inch below.

Thread the leather cord onto a large sharp tapestry needle and thread it all around the casing as a drawstring. Gently tighten and tie with a square knot. Fill it up, and enjoy!! Use any old sweater you love.

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