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Thursday, May 15, 2008


Knit Fantasy. All the projects I dream of completing. All of the luscious yarn to see, feel and smell. The books I want to buy, and the books I own that beckon me to knit a flattering pattern. Surfing the Internet from Knitters Review to Webs, in search of the latest info and textures. When I have the time, hitting every ad link on the sidebar. Did you know you can generate revenue for the site owner. Every little bit helps! Back to my yarn. Giant Ziploc bags now hold projects assembled with the notions, yarn, pattern and even the needles in some cases. The theory is grab a bag, complete a project, grab the next bag and knit your brains out. Brilliant!

A Never Knitter was in my home and wanted to see my yarn collection. I am embarrassed to say that half of my stash is spread around my room in an attempt to organize and simplify. Baggies, books, needles and notions explosion. This has been going on for months. My spouse is so patient. The closet that he had built for my stash, over floweth. Never Knitters cannot understand the absolute necessity of the yarn in my house. Knitter Quitters are usually a little bit more understanding, yet ever so smug about the fact that they quit knitting and liquidated their stash. Neutral Knitters have shifted from overdrive and are on a knitting hiatus. Those are the people that usually get excited to see the storehouse of goodies in my room. Inspired is what I aim for.

Imagine if they saw the stuff in the garage????

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