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Monday, August 9, 2010

Winter Hats for Summer Girls

I am in my home state with my home friends- about to start the relative circuit. It has been a relaxing and restful trip, so far. I have been to only one knit shop and practiced great restraint. I had to buy yarn for the custom order! Two bright yellows and a pink, please.

My cousins children had requested hats in very specific colors and I wanted to knit them and mail them to the little ladies. Here you see the towheads on the shore of Lake Michigan. The oldest, Lydia sat in my lap and learned to knit. She will need a refresher, but she actually got through a couple of rows. The younger two(Ella and Ava) were more interested in playing in the waves. When we parted company I went to the knit shop I know up north and got busy and knit their hats and mailed them away to Des Moines. The snowy plains are just months away...

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