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Friday, September 26, 2008

A Knitting Prayer

This is the finished Four Seasons Throw, ready to pack and ship to my newlywed niece in Chicago. I included the Manos yarn label from one of the skeins. I sewed on the "knit with love by" label. Now I will print and include this blessing that I borrowed from "Knitting Into The Mystery: A Guide To Shawl Knitting" by Susan Jorgensen and Susan Izard, 2003. I print it on card stock and sign it when I send gifts. Feel free to borrow this...

A Prayer Before Knitting

A blessing to my knitting to be a work of heart and hands, body and spirit; A blessing on the one who passed this ancient art to me; A blessing on the one who will receive the fruit of my prayer and my knitting.


Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful blanket! And a gracious and pretty prayer, I hope that I may be able to borrow it! :)

faithandhealth said...

I think you'd love Susan Palwick's reflection on knitting prayer shawls here:

(it's posted on in case the link doesn't work) :--)