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Thursday, October 11, 2007

I Love My Knitwits

Another Wednesday night behind, me and I am reflecting on my knitwits. We are an eclectic group of ladies to say the least. Last night we had 2 new visitors and I am pleased to report that we welcomed them with open arms and curious needles. Betty knits with the pencil hold and is so fast that you cannot see her move. Becky compared her to a spider spinning silk straight off the points of her fingers. I saw the same picture Becky. Yes, that was before the 2nd glass of wine. Betty is a phenomenal knitter from NCKG and I hope she comes back again.

Heather brought sweet Jamie. She looks like a teenager. An unlikely mother of 3 kids under 5, and grafting complex cable seams like a pro. I love the new breed of knitters that are fearless. If they see a design that they love, the love transcends the degree of difficulty. Those of us that have been knitting forever sometimes approach projects with fear. The trepidation often stops us from making challenging, yet beautiful hand knits.
I will take new photos next week. This one was taken a few months ago when we knit red scarves for the Heart Scarves organization. Often we will knit for a charity. Currently we are knitting large Christmas stockings to stuff for needy children this season. This is a great way to teach new skills to the ladies. It was Robin D.'s idea to learn how to make socks. and then donate them. I am so proud of the girls. Everyone has turned their heels and next week we will learn the Kitchener stitch. It feels great to teach new skills to students that are fun and make great appetizers. So thanks ladies...

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