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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Down Time

Today is the start of a Ryan weekend and I couldn't be happier. You see now, that what is often perceived as a burden, is really a blessing. Being housebound for 2 days is just what the doctor ordered. Ryan will talk my ears off and be full of concern for all of his friends. We will reflect together on all of our loved ones. Tomorrow, at church, he will see that all is well and his life continues with nary a missed beat. I get the laundry done and more cleaning. I will sneak in some therapeutic knitting. This evacuation episode has caused people to look at their possessions with a critical eye and discernment. What it is we really need? (Besides Yarn?)

I have smoke voice. Everyone that calls apologizes for waking me up. HA! It is overcast today and the firefighters warned us last night that a mild Santa Ana wind was going to come up today and not to worry. Just realize it stirs up the soot and ash into a bad air fog.

I confess that going on a cruise for 5 days is sounding better to me by the minute. I have talked to so many people that have been helping or have the keen desire to do so. Every contribution is valuable. This community has such a great spirit. Find a church in your area and call them to see what you can do. The Salvation Army needs help coordinating donations, and the Red Cross may be looking for people to help. The local TV stations may have a network set up to channel volunteers. I plan to get out of town and come back refreshed and ready to resume...

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