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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Back in the Saddle

Going on a cruise is so relaxing. With no internet, telephone, schedule, television or family needs to meet, I regained the soundtrack in my head. It was so weird. With my brain freed from it's normal overload of the twirling Rolodex in my head, it turns out I have a streaming play list of oldies, but goodies. This creates awkward moments of humming and spontaneous bursts of song. Fine with me. My friends may not agree. They were pretty tolerant.

We all let our hair down on the Carnival Fun Ship, Elation. The food wasn't that good. I consumed my weight in wine(that is what I said). Karaoke and dancing were a big part of each evening, so my net loss was 2 pounds. Not Bad. So now, back on dry land it is time to put my hair up and get back in the saddle. The work horse is hitched to the post outside.

The boys did not do as much damage as usual. That was a relief. I have restocked the pantry and fridge, cooked some meals for the week ahead, run a few loads of laundry and happily hope to knit tonight.

Oh yes, the knitting on board did not go as planned. It was 90+ degrees in Cabo, that was true. There was plenty of down time in the deck chair. I carried bags of yarn aboard with me. Yet, somehow my knitting took a backseat to the spa treatments, steam room and the previously mentioned wine. I love red wine and laughter.It is a good prescription.

I gave myself permission to skip the craft show this Saturday. Just verbalizing my lack of preparation has reinvigorated my desire to go do the best I can with the stock I have. Whatever I have leftover is going to be a good start on next year. With the fire occurring when it did, I was unable to felt my bags and set them out to dry for fear of the smoke odor. I can present what I have and enjoy the day. This new "let go" attitude is so weird. I love how it throws everyone off to see me be so blase. An interesting post cruise side effect is a sensation that overcomes me randomly. I suddenly feel almost dizzy. Off-balance. It puts you in the frame of mind to expect the unexpected. With that in mind, I venture forth...


Bdub said...

our cruise ship was so tiny in the bahamas and sooo rocky, plus we slept at the bottom of the boat listening to the waves on the other side of our pillows all night-- but i felt that dizzy, weird boat way for almost a week in florida! especially walking down the hallways of our hotel, it was like the twilight zone. i want to see more pics! xoxo Brynn

Bdub said...

last summer after our little tiny cruise ship to nassau, after 3 nights of sleeping at the bottom of the boat where waves were crashing on the other side of our pillow- i felt that weird, dizzy boat feeling for days! almost a week, and it was especially intense walking down the hotel hallways like the twilight zone. i cant wait to see your pics! xoxo Brynn