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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Holiday Agendas

What is your agenda for the holidays this year? Are you angling for a special gift? Hoping to heal a relationship or bridge some gap in the family? Looking for deeper connections and spiritual growth? Surviving the next 40 days with grace and humor? Achieving world peace and financial stability forever and ever, amen? All of the above? Well, let me give you the first step in seeing this good work begun. Make a list!

I am the Queen of lists. All of my life I have structured my needs and wants in linear columns. The scientific method of outlining life is my compass. I am thankful for the internet this Thanksgiving. I sent out a beautiful greeting card to many of you, printed out my shopping list for the feast preparations, printed the flight itinerary's for the 2 airport pick ups on Wednesday, researched future flights for the next trip planned to MI, and now get to rant on this blog. What fun.

My list includes organizing my time for the next few days to optimize gas use and expedite the errands. Cleaning and cooking will take place on Thursday, since dinner is not till 5 pm. We will have a full house with 13 diners. Christine and her family are joining us. They love my cooking, so they are golden guests. I can cook Turkey dinner with my eyes closed. It is easy and fun for me. I stress over the cleanliness of the house and the effect of the hubbub on Ryan.

The other stress factor is the notice we received in the mail from SDG&E that says they will be turning off the power to our local grid on Wednesday for a few hours. If we all get food poisoning due to the fridge losing power- I may have to write a letter to SDG&E. This company must be run by men? Who thinks turning the power off for even 5 minutes ( when everyone needs to vacuum and do laundry and cook), is a good idea??!! Lordy.

I take comfort in my list making. It calms me to see every task written out and clicked off as I go. I will even write in the extra things I get done and then check them off. I read somewhere that this is a symptom of something? Whatever.

The other biggie on my holiday agenda is the family Christmas photo. This year you are in for a treat. Evan has gifted us early by expressing his creative self in the form of a Mohawk haircut. Oh, yes. Can't wait to share. You know that there isn't a button-down, oxford cloth shirt in the world that can dress up this look. Scary. If we wear matching colors will it be less noticeable? Should we feature him front and center, or have him wear a hat? I want to remember this character. I want to immortalize him in all of his 15 year old glory. This could be a memorable holiday.

I delivered one custom order bag Saturday. I have the next one on the needles with completion and delivery by next week. As soon as this one is in the felting stage the other one will be started. I want them delivered to their respective homes by the 2nd of December. My final show is at the Lomas Santa Fe Country Club December the 9th, 1-5 pm. Come by and see me. It is open to the public and decorated beautifully for the season.I do love knitting my bags and selling them to appreciative owners. Remember to do something that you love to do this holiday season. Put it on your list. Put you on your list...


Heather said...

OK, I am cracking up that you linked to SDG&E!! hahaha. But I can't believe the are turning off your power, they're insane!

Anonymous said...

Power or no power, the meal was amazing. Many thanks, Marsha. And all my apologies to those of you who did not get to eat the amazing turkey dinner we did! We may be golden guests, but the meal was diamond-encrusted platinum.