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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Post Fire Stress Syndrome

Time is flying quickly towards the holidays and we are being swept along. The craft show came together with all of the right ingredients for a perfect day. It was sunny, cool and crisp. A picture perfect fall day. Much better than the predicted rain. I stayed up all night finishing handbags. Sewing on the handles and crocheting closures. I was proud of my products and prepared to say goodbye as they made their way to a new home. Due to the extra set of Karen's hand on Friday, I was able to finish more than I had planned. Our own sweatshop right here in Encinitas. Momma was proud.

The set up went seamlessly and my location on the property was prime. Karen arrived with Starbucks, the cash box, and her best sales pitch. We were as ready as could be given the past month. Nobody came. Those that did, were stoic and complimentary. They were the friendliest bunch of lookers I have ever met. I sold less than 1/4 of last years sales total. Only 15 items! From 9 am until 4 pm. Fortunately, some of the bigger ticket items sold and custom orders for 2 large totes came through. Last year the proceeds of the sale bought a trip for 4 to NYC. This year four of us can go out to dinner with wine and call it a night. Heather helped out and someone tried to buy the sweater off of her back. It was too cold to give it up! I was so desperate to sell, I was willing to pimp her sweater to the highest bidder. Her wisdom prevailed and the sweater remained on her back.

We vendors talked amongst ourselves and agreed. Post fire stress has everyone evaluating their purchases and monitoring their spending. The good news for me came via an invitation to do another craft show in December from a lady that had touched everything in the booth and come back twice. She covertly revealed her mission to me, handed me an application, and assured me I was only one of a select group of special vendors. Flattery aside, I have inventory and will give it one more shot. December 9th, here I come. Stay tuned for a happy ending. Regardless, I continue to love my felted bags and the process of creating them. My sweet husband thinks they should sell for $800 each. Isn't that cute?

Tonight is Knitwits and I have a new project to share with the ladies. I think they will love it. I am off to teach, eat and drink the vino. I promise to take photos of the giant Christmas stockings and the girls...

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