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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Where is the Storm?

Starting last sunny Wednesday afternoon, the local weather team started prepping San Diego for a huge storm. High winds, heavy rainstorms and 2 feet of snow in the mountains by Monday. Get out the snowboards and wax the skis! Winter was coming for a brief visit. I write this as I sit in the dappled sunlight of a Sunday noon. Clouds flow by and an occasional sprinkle falls. Not exactly what I was hoping for.

I wanted to have an excuse to stay in. Make a fire, cook a big pot of soup and maybe cookies too. I have not begun the task of Christmas cards, shopping, wrapping or shipping. All on hold as we await a check from clients. Each day has a scheduled event that gets clicked off. But, I have a cold. It is the kind that responds well to Nyquil and hot tea. It has not laid me low, just made me slow.

I want the storm. I want to say it was too wet to drive, and too windy and cold to go out. You do not often get the chance to use the weather for an excuse in Sunny CA. Christmas is the beginning of our winter rainy season. We have had less than 6 inches of rainfall this year. God knows we need it. So, I have my foul weather apparel at the ready. I have to check to be sure it has not dry rot since the last time I needed it....

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