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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Feliz Navidad

One frustrated dog - I give up!

One happy torturer.

A few years ago we received an animated life size singing iguana. It wags it's tail, wiggles it's body and moves it 's mouth in sync to "Feliz Navidad." Ryan showed little interest in it for a long time. This year it is his favorite Christmas toy.

It freaks the dog out totally. She is convinced it is alive and if I leave it on the floor she tries to kill it. So instead of lying on the hearth as usual it is on the coffee table for the season. Ryan is home this weekend and is carrying the thing around like a pet. This is causing severe pet sibling rivalry.

I have a cold and Ryan and I skipped church this morning. We are saving ourselves for the fully orchestrated Messiah concert this evening. Ryan is laying on one couch pushing the play button on the iguana over and over. From the bottom of my heart, I never want to hear Feliz Navidad again. The dog is tortured beyond endurance. After many attempts to end the life of the iguana, she has given up and is trying to sleep it all away.

She looks like she has a headache. I definitely have a headache and the recording is starting to slow down and waver every few bars of "I want to wish you a merry Christmas" Ryan pushes the button again and says "for Steezy- it makes her happy"

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