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Monday, December 29, 2008

Fearless Knitter Request

The Encinitas Starbucks location was snarly with me, but- the Solana Beach location was friendly and generous. The sweet little manager said come see me the 26th and your wish shall be granted. Viola'!!! I now own the Christmas decorations from the SB store. They are here in my house and will be stored lovingly for future years of North Coast Knitters Guild functions, as well as the holiday activities of the KnitWits.

Ryan went home late last night after 5 days of Xmas cheer with the family. It went very well. He really has mellowed. It was hard to get him home last night. He lives about 3 miles from Qualcomm Stadium. Last night the Chargers were beating the Denver Broncos to a pulp. So we had to wait for traffic to settle down before making the 50 mile round trip. I was able to knit last night for the first time since the party season began.

Brynn will have a sweater by the end of January. I swatched the bobble pattern and it is so pretty. She thinks this is too hard and is worried that it will be too big or stretch out. I have the guage perfect and I am making a size medium. Hopefully it will fit her the same way it is shown in the book. She loves it and I am happy she is pleased.

Fearless knitting this year. Let's all try smething that we have never done, done poorly, or just always wanted to try and never made the time for. I am looking for control and discipline in a world seemingly out of control.

This discipline needs to apply to my diet, recreation, work and job seeking. I really do not want to go to work full time. Really. It breaks my heart. I work almost full time for the church and school and Guild and charities, of my choice. Choice, control, needs and wants. Mix it all up in the bowl and it has to come out in a new form. Same ingredients, different out come.

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