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Monday, December 8, 2008

Knitting Challenge Throw Down

I bought this book in the Spring with the intention of knitting myself a sweater or 2. I like 90% of the patterns in this book and that is rare. Brynn saw a sweater in the book while home for Thanksgiving. I decided I would knit it for her and she made an offhand comment to the effect that she wondered if it would take six years??? She chose the color and I ordered the yarn. I have cast on the back and have 3 inches done. I decided to see if Heather would take the sweater challenge with me and see who will finish by January 25th. I would love to have it done and under the tree by December 25th. Heather has her sweater well under way. She has altered her pattern and the changes over the pattern may slow her down. That girl wants to win. I just want to prove to Brynn that she is a priority to me. #1 daughter. My one and only favorite...