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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Not Your Typical Christmas Prep

We planned a low key Christmas with the emphasis on frugality. Gifts to the minimum and trying to adjust to a different, less extravagant holiday. Enter the rains. We were almost swept away with the storms on Monday and Wednesday. There is more on the way. The good news is that the drought is being alleviated. We need a big snow pack to fill the reservoirs and we have got a good start. The bad news is that a lot of that rain fell inside of my house.

A new roof is out of the question.We had prepped with tar and patch where we thought it was needed. But several inches fell in heavy, windswept deluges that overcame our sincere efforts. There will have to be some sort of professional intervention. Oh my.

Today we are replacing a kitchen faucet and a toilet seat. Cha-ching! Both broke on Thursday.
You know how nice it would be to maintain status quo. One of the kids favorite story books as tots was titled "It Could Always Be Worse". It was based on a Jewish folk tale and the moral is self explanatory. I try to keep it in mind when ever I get too whiny. Our friend Mark is coming over to help Don with the Kitchen plumbing. Grateful to him and ever watchful for the blessings in this crazy situation.

Trying to knit a sweater for Brynn and it keeps me distracted from all that I have not done...

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