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Monday, December 29, 2008

Returns R Us

Today is the day I will brave the stores- post Christmas. I have to return some things at Target. The wrong size toilet seat, maternity pants I tried for Ryan. Ryan has low tone in his tummy area and can not wear pants without elastic. Hard to find in menswear. I thought that maternity pants might work. I still think it is a possibility. I just got the wrong size. I will try again.

Then, Brynn got a generous gift certificate for Nordstroms. We will hit the Rack. More bang for the buck. After strenuous shopping we will meet friends for sushi at the Loveboat Sushi in San Marcos. The best. Bar none. Please try them. You will be glad you did.

Laundry, cleaning and decoration removal will all have to wait for a few days. Brynn returns to Monterey on Friday. So, we want to continue the holiday until then. Maybe we will karaoke tomorrow?

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