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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Walk About Drop out

"Marsha got run over by a big dog-
It happened at the dog park yesterday.
Marsha did not see the big dog coming-
And now her ankle is swollen in a cast!"

Sung to the tune "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer"

Steezy and I went to the dog park for an enjoyable respite from Christmas decorating. The tree is up and lovely. I cut back on the rest of the house decor by 50%. It looks great and I am happy it is done. The dog park was busy and the pack had fun running with 2 greyhounds in the lead. I needed to get home to shower and head out to the South Park Community Christmas Walk About. The Grove is a favorite LYS in that neighborhood. We like to go stroll the streets with our friends after a delicious dinner at Vagabond. I leashed up Steez and we were 20 feet from the gate when the pack rounded us and a 100 pound yellow lab collided with my ankle. Ouch!

I drove home and got ready to go. We made it to dinner and I could feel swelling and throbbing
as my shoe got tighter and tighter. The evening came to an early end. I hobbled around one block and thought I was going to throw up. My dear friends could see my pale, sweating brow; and brought the car around.

A bad sprain, no break. Boot until a shoe fits, foot exercises and time. A little Vicodin on the side and life goes on...

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Tess said...

Oh dear, Marsha! That's terrible!