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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Remember Knitwits 2006 Xmas Decor

I have been a very good girl this year. In the effort towards good stewardship, I gave up my "Venti-iced-Skinny-two pump sugar-free vanilla latte" habit. At $4 a pop, upwards of five times a week, it tabulated to $80 a month. Truly a utility payment.

I inherited a Krup's espresso machine purchased at a garage sale for $1, and got busy at home learning to be a barista par excellent. Pretty good hot, lacking pizazz when iced.

So, imagine my surprise when passing a Starbucks the decorations caught my knitter's eye. There was a nationwide chain of very popular shops full of knitting inspired decorations! Two years ago I made wreaths covered with balls of red and green yarn for our KnitWit Christmas party. Here was a better version times a million. I want them. I asked the supervisor "What do you do with the decorations after the season ends?" She replied with disgust "You and everyone else. Come back the morning after Christmas and we will take names and have a drawing." I was dismissed and dismayed. Who else has a large knitting group and annual knitting Christmas parties? Who else out there would love and take care of these items as well as me? Who, I ask?

If anyone reading this can snag me some of this knit bling, I will knit you a beautiful "fill in the blank" of your choice...

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