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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Gross Old Year

12 x 12 = 144. One hundred forty four is a gross. Remember your basic math. Knitter's use math all of the time. Sometimes, a pretty complex formula must be executed to make a pattern all that it is supposed to be. Think Algebra here. (x+y-z)3 is the same thing as the knitting direction of: (sl1,k1,PSSO) repeat 3x. You can do that. You little math genius!

Last year I made a secret challenge for 2008. I never like to make resolutions. I have failed at so many. The annual weight loss one for sure! Anyways, I decided to try to blog 3 x a week, for 4 weeks, 12 entries per month, for 12 months. A perfect gross. For a gross 2008. I claim the title for 2008 due to many factors. Economics the lead reason. Mathematically, this year sucked.

If you do the math and look at the column to our right- you will see that some months I exceeded my quota, while other months, I fell short. The good news is that the total adds up. I made it. It was a plan destined to succeed. The expectations were not unrealistic.

I have read some bloggers that vow to blog daily. I cannot do that. It would become more of a chore, than a true communication. As it stands now, I speak when I have something to say. To that end, I have decided to challenge myself again, realistically. Next year may not bring all that we are hoping for, but I am praying for a numerical upswing. Let's see if Obama can Owow us.

I want to see the numbers trend positively. Jobs up, foreclosures down. Health care up, infant mortality down. Confidence up, depression down. Can 2009 be FINE? I hope and pray it will be. Let us all put the past behind us. Let us vow to improve the future, starting with the choices we make every day. Happy New Year with love...

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