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Friday, August 3, 2007

What a week

I can't believe it is Friday already. I have an empty nest this week. With a year round college student daughter, oldest son living away from home and my baby boy away at camp-I had big plans to exploit all of my freedom. I was going to explore, organize, clean, knit, dine out, cook gourmet meals, write long letters, make long overdo phone calls to loved ones and read a few great books, including the latest Harry Potter. HA!

Yesterday I accomplished a few missions from my to-do list. I scooped up Heather for a road trip to explore 2 LYS in Orange county. The first is the classic Yarn Lady. A large store full of yarn. Lots of novelty and Encore. Perhaps it was the 92 degree temperature, or the disorientation I felt in the space, but I didn't buy a thing. The store manager was very helpful and kind in trying to fulfill the list of must haves I was looking for. No luck,but I'll be back for their events and famous bag sale.

Next stop was a double header. Former knit shop co-worker, Nancy has landed a job at a sweet little shop that had the most pleasant color ambiance I've seen in a long time. La Petite Knitterie pops up unexpectedly in the middle of OC endless suburban mega-homes. The store had yummy samples and yarns presented in a comfortable setting with the yarn color palette creating a decorating backdrop that invites you to sit and knit a spell. Only thing missing was the cafe a' lait and croissants. Here I found some treasures for specific projects I have in mind and all on sale! I'll have to turn to Amazon to get the book that no one seems to have. I'm not sure how Nancy stays on point at work as the store is next door to a fine wine tasting room. This would be very distracting to me-or between buying yarn and wine, my profit would be nil. Heather wonders when I have ever came out ahead of my spending when employed by a Yarn shop.LOL.

By the way, it was pointed out to me that in my last post I forgot to mention cash as the gift that keeps on giving. It is wonderful and definitely, easily consumed. There is a gifting stigma that is attached and invites comment. So have at it-what is your favorite consummable gift?

My heart goes out to the Twin Cities and the victims of the bridge collapse. It brings back the post 911 response. Prayers and peace to the whole community. I am happy to report that the Modesitt/Landry family is intact and safe. Life is tenuous even at it's best. Enjoy it...

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