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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Party Time all the time

Party here, party there. Party, party everywhere. You would think that I'd spent my life in a cloistered convent against my will. Upon escape, I made my way to every buffet and wine bar with something to prove. Summer really presents so many delightful occasions to celebrate. Birthdays, baby showers, weddings, long lost cousin reunions, knitting group, swimming/hot tubbing, and any other moment that could be enhanced by good food and drink. (that was just this week!)

Tomorrow a friend opens a new little shop. Starry Night Hollow is described as a unique quilting, crafting retreat and gift shop. Her dream realized 8 months after she spoke it. It just makes you proud to see these women make their vision a reality. It inspires me to BELIEVE. We all dream. So, let's stop wishing away our lives and begin our believing. We all have amazing potential to succeed. When I visit the new shop it will be another celebration. No doubt, with a little champagne and goodies to eat. All best wishes go out to the entrepreneurs.

I had been searching for some lace inspiration for some fine fingering weight yarn. The books I coveted were too dear for my budget. Then something wonderful entered the inbox. KnitPicks summer book sale at 40%. Today, I made it to the mailbox and there they were. Bliss. I also bought some sock yarn on sale that I hope to knit up for a dear Aunt in Northern MI. The toes get real cold up there. I do enjoy knitting socks in the summer. Doesn't everyone?

I must consume less food and drink. There isn't enough exercise in the world to compensate for the fun I have ingested. I am tired and sated again after star gazing in the hot tub with our friends and fellow astronomer wannabes. Isn't it fun to discover that you have something else in common with people you already like? I love that. I love life and celebrating it in all it's incarnations. Now, if I could just keep track of my 15 year old skateboarding boy...

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