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Thursday, August 30, 2007

What the?!

I hate to sound like a drone. It is just too hot here right now. The laptop is too hot and even the pool water is too hot. Rolling blackouts are predicted for today, as all of the fortunate people crank up the air to stay cool. I remember when a rolling blackout referred to a state of inebriation. We have had a "heat emergency" declared by Arnold. I am doing my part by doing laundry and dishes after dark. It cools off in the house by midnight and sleeping is OK with a sheet. Housework is not on my short list. Speaking of short- that describes my temper perfectly. I have been surly and snappish and so I offer a blanket apology here. I spend as much time at bookstores, restaurants and coffee shops as wallet will allow. Never mind the waistband.

Monday evening at Starbucks, I ordered a DECAF (nonfat2pumpsugarfreevanillalatte) to go. It seemed so harmless.Well, for anyone unaware, Monday night we experienced a total lunar eclipse. It was phenomenal. When it ended the full moon was a golden, peachy glowing ball as it set over the ocean. I woke my husband at 1 am to see the shadow of darkness that cut the moon in half . He saw the golden orb when his alarm went off at 5am. I decided to try my daughters suggestion and have some wine to make me sleepy. Well..I did get tipsy and called Christine in DC thinking she may be up early for work. Eric, sorry to wake you up at 3:30. Diane, at least I had the good sense to text you. No more D-dialing. New pledge.

The heat has turned out to be good for simple knitting in my adopted abodes of cool air. I have completed several items for felting. That is the easy part. Felting and finishing takes more time. In the meantime I wrote and submitted a class syllabus for some knitting courses to be offered in the spring 2008 at our local community college. The dean makes the final selection of classes and I won't know until Thanksgiving if my classes will be part of the curriculum. I have also been trying my hand at pattern design and writing with a project planned for the future.

One of the things I finished knitting is the tote bag for a class I will teach at the new shop I told you about, Starry Night Hollow. Hit the posts of a fellow contributor Heather for photos of the shop and a great review. I also submitted my application to participate in the annual Olivenhain Craft Show that will be Nov. 10th, this year. It is a high quality show. Stop by if you are in the area and do some holiday shopping. My specialty is felted hand bags.

School is in session and my day is interrupted by carpool. I love that the car is nice and cool, and so I am off...

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