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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Life is Hectic

My college girl is in town. So is a good friend that I love to spend time with. Plus, all of the normal activities are going along full speed.

High school resumes on Monday. This has been the week for the DDS, the doctor, the hair salon, and shopping errands. We also continue to be on a social circuit that wants to squeeze every last drop of summer out of the season. I have more work than I can handle at the moment and told someone today that I can't do one more thing. That is a first for me.

The ribbed shawl/vest I knit was finished and turned out with poor drape and a heavy shape. Everyone at Knitwits tried it on and it only looked good on Ellen. She is the lucky winner! It can double as body armor and keep her warm in the arctic. Maybe we will photograph it, maybe not.

My socks are so cute that I can't wait for it to not be 90 degrees. I would promise not to complain about the weather, but that would be pointless. I get so crabby if it is too anything. You'll see...

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