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Monday, August 13, 2007

Craft Night

For more then 10 years a group of friends have gathered the second Monday of every month to scrapbook together. If any of us face a deadline, addressing Christmas cards, paying bills, knitting for a sale, wedding invites, etc; we have the freedom to work in the good company we have established. These fine women are confidants and rock solid. Some of them also attend our weekly knitting group- the Knit Wits. We are a multi-generational group that love to laugh and learn. If you are knitting solo and wish you had some company, start a group. There is a large network of "stitch and bitch" groups all over the world. Join one. Check out your LYS for guidance.

I am all about community. We are all members of many "mini" villages. If you create your own, there is a sense of ownership and an investment of commitment that goes beyond obligation. I wasn't able to chose my family of origin. Who did? There are times when we are gathered in the same place en mass, that makes us wonder if we would start a conversation with one another? Is that too honest? Human relations and family matters are just too big to cover tonight. Blessings and curses are part of every ones heritage. I like to make time for the blessings and pray over the curses. Works for me, most of the time...

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Anonymous said...


A great picture and cleverly written! From your red headed friend by the sea. Come hang out, it is a wee bit cooler here!